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There are times when I wonder why I follow MLP art groups here on DA, because there's just way too much art to sort through for the stuff I enjoy so what's the point? But then... you find gems like these.
I've taken a brief skim through her gallery (heh, brief, right), and it's marvelous! She has a great grasp on atmosphere and shading, how lighting affects mood and impact, and her style is a nice soft one that relies on the previously mentioned aspects to catch the eye, which it does very well. I highly recommend you check her out if you haven't seen her work previously. Below are my current fave ten from her thus far.

1. Commish for Heartfire by Celebi-Yoshi  I really like how well she did the water in this one.

2.stroll with Fluttershy by Celebi-Yoshi   This one struck me because of how surrealistic it is. It's real enough to me that my mind can almost believe it, but then it slaps itself and says "Dayum, get a hold of yourself!"

3.Commish for Speedy by Celebi-Yoshi  Very peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in this one. My mind enjoys the slow, lazy, tranquil feel it gets from viewing this one.

4.Princess Celestia by Celebi-Yoshi   Because Celestia and aurora's in a rising dawn, need I say more? Her excellent use of lighting and shade combined with light effects like auroras displays itself here.

5.Pathfinder by Celebi-Yoshi  For me, this captures a mood I know well, and I love how well it brings that mood to life. Calm focus that becomes background radiation in the mind as you make your way down a rarely used trail, somewhere in the foothills. Hell, the OC in this one could very well have been mine, its colors very much ones I'd choose. But it's not, and I digress... I like how everything is just out of focus enough, yet clear enough to make out. Really creates an eerily calm atmosphere akin to that of being alone on the trail.

6.Fluttershy by Celebi-Yoshi   Her departure from her usual pieces with the combination of linework and watercolor is really neat to me, and that alone warranted it inclusion on this list for me. Also, just check out the background, and Fluttershy with her reflection.

7.Ponies of a Skyrimish nature by Celebi-Yoshi   The dark and grimy atmosphere, combined with epic focused pose, and that glimmering of clear sky in the background to emphasize the rest... Oh yeah, also ponies in cloaks with swords is a big plus for me. As she mentions in the description, very skyrimmish/lord of the ringsy, and I love it. Puts my imagination to work conjuring forth an epic tale of long lost ancient roads through darkened lands on a quest of the highest importance... or maybe just raiding a troll's hoard. Who knows, but I like it a lot just for putting my mind to work.

8.No more magic by Celebi-Yoshi   Her OC in an emotional piece... tuggin on my heartstrings. The feeling of isolation as your energy is sucked dry is very present and made so by how she frames her OC in darkness whilst glimmers of magic are pulled from her like so many threads... very relate-able and thus on my list.

9.Meow by Celebi-Yoshi  I LIKE DIRTY SKETCH/COLORING COMBOS, OKAY?!  Here we see another excellent uses of light effects, and the expressions of one of my favorite shippings is perfect to me.

10.The Moon Rises by Celebi-Yoshi   NO LIST IS COMPLETE WITHOUT A LUNA PIECE.  And what wondrous piece it is. She's got a couple very good Luna pieces (one is featured on her main page), but this one takes the cake for me because of the colors used, the premise depicted (that of day shifting into night, the golden hour, one of my favorite moments), Luna's epic pose highlighted by the sun's setting rays, whilst she melds into the night that is essentially a personification of her, SHE IS THE NIGHT... did I mention this is Luna? Also, the purple hues of the night sky are beautiful to behold.

I could continue going on about her artwork with ten more great pieces, but you get the idea. If you are not following this artist already, please go check her out and perhaps give here a follow, she's got more great pieces (far more, I'm getting lost in her gallery as we speak).

With love,

Desp out.
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Amateur artist and photographer, brony, and traceur. Bit of a cowboy, as well as rambler, gypsy, and philosopher. I have a diverse family tree, to say the least, and I think that's where I get my many diverse interests from, but who really knows. Oh, and I play guitar, but don't expect any epic ballads from me, I ain't much of a musician.

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ivladika 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks very much for the fav! :-)
ivladika Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much for the fav! :-)
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Thank you very much for the favourite! ^_^

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  ~Thank You So Much~

(embracing the fight) by ChristineKalliri

CanadianDesperado Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
You're most welcome.
SkyfireDragon Mar 27, 2014   Artisan Crafter
Thank you for the latest Fave, CD! :) (Smile)
CanadianDesperado Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
My pleasure :)
SkyfireDragon Mar 30, 2014   Artisan Crafter
:) (Smile) 
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Thanks very much for the favs! :-)
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